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About Me

Melanie is the creative visionary behind the company, Melanie Elizabeth Media. Melanie has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. She has combined her interest and passion for behavior psychology with marketing to create Melanie Elizabeth Media. 

Melanie has worked in the retail industry for over 6 years and has learned numerous ways to connect with customers in person and online. She has been blogging for over 2 years and recently started her own podcast. She has used these platforms to empower and assist millennials and women to be confident in sharing their journeys with one another. 
She has learned it's not a competition to be the best. It's about helping others on their journey with the resources and knowledge she has been given. 

Melanie loves to travel and shares all her travel stories on her blog, What's Next Mel? She is a vast 90s R&B fan and has a strong love for music. She loves connecting with people across the globe. The connections she has made are shared on her podcast, What's Next Mel? for millennial women. 

Melanie Elizabeth: Social media influencer
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